Recurring Payment

Collect on-time payment

Automate your on-time payment collection for your recurring billing plans to deliver products and services. You can set up any billing frequency, and we will take care of collecting payment on your behalf and settlement to your bank account(s).

Multiple Currencies

We support 125+ currencies. You can sell your subscription products/services to customers anywhere in the world.

Embed your payment

Integrate your recurring plans as a widget, button, or a dedicated payment collection page on your own website. Delight your customers with quick, fastest, and secured checkout and increase your conversion rates.

Subscription Management

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Create unlimited plans for your product or services. Offer advanced billing options such as variable-pricing, metered-usage, quantity-based, one-time charges, and hybrid combinations. Offer set up fee/trial period for each plan as per your business need.

Customer Invoicing

Automated invoice is generated for each subscriber, and having the flexibility for you to input data for metered billing invoice.

Tax handling

For each subscription plan, you have the flexibility to add tax as per your business need and regions such as VAT, or GST and more.

Automate Plan Availability

For each subscription plan, you can set up availability date & time, the quantity for inventory management to automate selling and also availability.

Subscriber Management

Customer Management

Manage all orders and subscription customers to view and perform actions. For each customer, you can easily view raised invoices, change subscription plans on behalf of the customer, raise the invoice, and update customer details.

Self-served Customer Experience

Reduce your operational load and offer a self-served experience to your customers to fully manage all their purchases and subscriptions directly from your store. Automate communication about payment failures and card expirations.

Automatic Dunning

We handle all the dunning management automatically to obtain and update customer's updated credit card information. This will reduce your churn rate, save plenty of time, and increase your operational efficiency.

Subscription Changes

With our automated workflow, we take care of billing changes from the upgrade, downgrade of subscription plans, and automatic invoice creation for a subscription plan.

Subscriber Communication

The system communicates on your behalf to your subscriber with email for subscription billing confirmation, plan changes, and access to download their invoices.

Payment Processing

Integrated Payment Processing

You get payment processing integrated out of the box. We work with PCI-compliant payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, and many others across the world.

All Payment Methods

For recurring subscription billing, we support all payment methods such as credit card, and debit card.

Multiple Currencies

Let your customers anywhere in the world able to pay using their local currency. We convert all transactions to your base currency for account settlement.

Subscription Payment Pages

When you create a subscription plan, each plan is hosted with payment pages. You can share these payment pages with your customers to subscribe and pay. You can also integrate payment widgets on your website directly or use our Subscription API to integrate with your mobile app.

Security & Compliance


We work with PCI-compliant payment gateways and banks, where we securely store cardholder /subscriber payment data. Our PCI-compliant payment gateways and banks meet all the payment-industry-standard to protect data

You Own Data

You own your customer data. We follow GDPR and various data compliance policy/frameworks across the world.

Two-Factor Authentication

All our signup and login is supported with an extra layer of security to enable two-factor authentication as a default implementation. Each of our users must authenticate themselves using password and one-time verification code.


Easy to use

Our subscription API is easy to use and develop any additional workflow to meet your business need.

Supports all use case

Our API covers all subscription billing use case

Enterprise Support

We offer enterprise support for advanced and high-performing system needs.

Reports & Analytics

Dashboard Snapshot

A comprehensive dashboard with all the key metrics of your subscription business, such as the most popular plans, revenue metrics, customers insights, and more.

Subscriber Report

Get a detailed report on subscribers such as which plan they have subscribed, billing cycle, and revenue contribution.

Revenue Report

Get a report on revenue growth over time and revenue for each subscription plans. Gather insights on predictable monthly income.

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