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Everything you need to start your business, make more with the lowest transaction fee, market & sell
globally, and manage your business.

Sell all things

Sell your products, services, membership, digital products, and more via unique purchase links, web store, widgets, facebook, email, and more.

Collect Payment

Collect payment for USD/ international currency or local currency with our payment processing facility, and we also offer the option to integrate your Stripe/PayPal payment gateway and take money directly to your Stripe/PayPal account.

Offer Subscription

Easy to collect your recurring subscription payment for anything, i.e., your products, software buyers, online magazine, newspaper subscriptions, membership, and more.

Simplify Invoicing

Create a customized invoice with company name & address, invoice number, and billing details in the template for your event partners, suppliers, agencies, vendors, etc. Send invoices in seconds and collect payment online.

Run email marketing campaigns 100x cheaper

Using integrated Amazon SES, you can send 100,000 emails for $10. Whether you have large customer contacts database/subscribers list, you can reduce your email campaign costs by 100x with us vs. any other email software.

Promote and Market your business

Use our built-in marketing & promotion features to grow your sales. Offer discount code /bulk discount or time-based discount options to increase your sales. Use the Facebook app, social media integration, and email to market to your audience.

Manage all operations easily

Manage your business with built-in features for customer database management, taxes, invoicing, analytics, and engagement with your customers. Track which of your products/services are generating revenues and which ones are the best performing.

Integrate any software

Extend your business software need with our APIs. There are several pre-built integrations ready for you to use. You can use ESPs like Mandril, Amazon SES, and Sendgrid and Stripe/PayPal for payment gateway, Google Analytics, and Pixel Tracking, and Webhooks.

By Size


Grow your business with our all-in-one software suite that lets you engage your audience, sell your products/services globally, and collect payment instantly.


Launch your startup idea in record time without having to invest in tech for online sales, invoicing, payment collection, and customer management.


Sell your time, work, and collect payment instantly or recurring payment from anywhere in the world.

By Role


The Zero-code software at ExplaraBiz lets you market & sell your expertise, products, courses to your audience worldwide. Get paid & make money online.

Sales Professional

Help people learn to sell through your coaching, workshops, and courses, collect payments, and manage your audience.

Startup Founder

Start an online business in shortest possible time, sell your products /services to global customers. The easiest platform to manage all operations and reduce your cost to enter the market.

Finance Executives

Make people grow their income by teaching them how to invest and where to invest with your expertise & skill. Grow your independent business worldwide and make more money!

By Industry


Transform your business to grow online with all-in-one software for an online store, sales, payment collection, invoicing, and email marketing. Grow your audience and make more money selling directly to your customers.


Monetize your educational courses online or accept payment for your programs, enrollment, etc. The most straightforward software to quickly enter new markets at the lowest cost.


Launch your subscription plan for your digital contents, engage, and grow your audience worldwide. With ExplaraBiz's all-in-one software for audience management, subscription payment, email marketing, and invoicing, you can increase revenue at the lowest cost and time.

SaaS Software

Launch your subscription plan for your digital contents, engage, and grow your audience worldwide. With ExplaraBiz's all-in-one software for audience management, subscription payment, email marketing, and invoicing, you can increase revenue at the lowest cost and time.


The engagement and monetization platform to sell financial products, trading, training, portfolio management, and more. Offer subscription to grow your revenue and audience across the globe.


Sell your event's post-production videos, speaker talks, and merchandise directly to your audience. Earn more from your events.


Create your music website instantly, have your music available in multiple formats and sell your music through your own website/store, collect payments from anywhere in the world and grow your audience.


Launch a homemade food business or teach the art of cooking, and it is easy to launch your own website/store, list your offerings, and sell to your audience directly. You can manage audience, payment, subscription, invoicing, email marketing, and more with ExplaraBiz.


Start your dance studio/teaching, offer online enrollment, offer class packages, and make it easy for your audience to subscribe and pay. Reduce your cost of operation using software for everything.


Sell games online directly to your audience, easy to integrate using widgets with your website or launch a new website with ExplaraBiz’s all-in-one software to manage customers, invoicing, subscription and payment collections from anywhere in the world.


Sell sports equipment or sports goods to your fans /customers directly. You can also offer online registration for your coaching /training workshops. Easiest software to manage sales, payment collection, and customer engagement.

Video & Movies

Sell your video/ films directly to your audience worldwide. Set your process and make the maximum from the sales. Launch your store or member subscription to build a growing business.

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