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Get started to create an account with your name, and email id. If you have an account in Explara.com already then you can go to https://explarabiz.com and click the Sign in button and use the Explara login option to sign in.

If you don't have an account In explara.com, then you can go to https://explarabiz.com and click the SignUp button on the top right corner to create your account on ExplaraBiz.

Profile & Settings

Personalize your account profile with your photo and social media accounts. Update your business profile for your customers/audience to know more about your business, social media presence, contact person, and contact details.

Bank Details

For users using Explara payment processing, for all the transactions that happens in your account, the money has to be transferred to you. The added bank account details would be used to wire the money to your bank account.

For users using Stripe/PayPal, you get money directly to your Stripe/PayPal account, you don’t need to provide your bank details.

Sell Anywhere

Your website

Sell your products, services, or your time quickly by integrating widgets, buttons, or links on your website or sell via your unique online store on ExplaraBiz.

Sell on Facebook

With our Facebook page app integration, you can launch your store on your Facebook Page. Let users discover and purchase your products or services directly from Facebook.

Sell on WhatsApp

You can share your products or services as an inline link on WhatsApp, and your audience can view and buy from your chat directly.

Online Store

You get an online store to showcase all your products and services. Engage your audience to visit your store, contact you, buy your products/services, and join your email newsletter.

Site Themes

Design your store website with your color, logo & select suitable themes with customizable layout, navigation, and branding.

Content Management System

Using CMS, you can configure your website content, navigation, and manage entire site modules without investing to design and develop.

Shopping cart

Sell your products/services on your store website with a secure checkout and PCI compliant payment processing solution. You can also embed inline checkout on your own website.

Go Mobile

Your website built using ExplaraBiz is mobile optimized for the store and faster checkout. Let your audience access your store or products using easy to use widgets on WhatsApp, Messenger, and any other chat.


Sell your products /services via unique purchase links, web store, widgets, facebook, email, and more.

Sell Digital Products

Sell eBooks, training courses, music, design, software, or any digital products to customers worldwide.

Sell Physical Products

Sell physical products, manage inventory, collect payments, and grow your marketplace.

Sell Subscriptions

Collect recurring fees regularly for your membership, digital library, services, or any other products.

Sell Services

Get paid for your services such as professional, home, clubs & fitness or pet services and many more.

Sell Globally

Sell your products /services to your audience anywhere in the world. Integrate Stripe/PayPal to collect payment from global customers.

Responsive checkout

The checkout flow is responsive and works across all devices, and clients. You can use checkout widgets which nicely overlays on top of your website for inline checkout experience.

Collect Payment

Collect payment from anywhere in the world!

International Payment processing

For international payment processing in USD or any other currency, you can integrate your Stripe/PayPal payment gateway in less than 5 minutes and take money directly to your Stripe/PayPal account.

Indian Payment processing

For our customers in India, we offer you an integrated payment gateway to process INR currency using UPI, Credit card, and Debit card.

Additional Payment Gateway

Contact us for integrating your preferred payment gateway.


Easy to collect your recurring subscription payment for anything, i.e., your products, software buyers, online magazine, newspaper subscriptions, membership, and more.

Advanced Subscriptions

You can offer any subscription such as fixed-price, variable-price, one-time charges, quantity based, and metered-usage.

Membership Subscription

Offer membership for your club, products, services, digital contents, or any services. Integrate via small widgets or API for seamless operation.


Customized Invoicing

Create a customized invoice with company name & address, invoice number, and billing details in the template for your event partners, suppliers, agencies, vendors, etc. Send them in seconds.

Branded Invoice Templates

Choose from pre-designed templates that let you customize the look and feel, estimation, add additional custom fields/items."

Accept Online Payments

Start accepting payments from your customers anywhere in the world. Allow the client to pay directly from your invoice.

Track Receivables

Track pending invoices and project cash flow with payment patterns.

Analyze to improve cash flow

Analyze your invoicing reports to track transactions, forecast sales, manage the accounting process, and cash flow patterns.

Find more features on https://explarabiz.com/invoicing

Email Marketing

Contact Management

Import and grow your data
Import or add your customers to the contacts database. You can also import your customers/ audience data from any CRM, MailChimp, Meetup, Gmail, and all such sources via CSV file to manage them in one place as your database.

List Management

Create unlimited lists to subscribe to your contacts in addition to smart tagging each contact. Send email campaigns to this list to engage your contacts database."

Signup Forms

Create signup/subscription forms/widgets by adding custom form fields to collect information from your contacts. Offer this subscription form in various campaigns for your user to subscribe to your list.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

Use WYSIWYG email editor to drag & drop components, structures to build your beautiful template that works on all clients and devices. All email templates are tested in all browsers and form factors to ensure the finest delivery.

Bulk Emails

Send an unlimited email with our advanced email queue system which offers a unique parallel queue for each customer. Whether you are sending 10,000 emails or 100,000 emails, our system takes care of your bulk email delivery.

ESP Integration

You can integrate AWS SES, Mandrill, Sendgrid accounts to send mail via your email service provider. Reduce your cost to 100x less with AWS SES gateway.

Campaign Report

Analyze your email campaign reports for opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and countries with charts & data. Download the reports to share.


Use our built-in marketing & promotion features to grow your sales.

Discount Code

Offer code discount /bulk discount or time-based discount options to increase your sales.

Facebook App

Use our Facebook app integration to sell directly via your Facebook page.


Integrate your product widgets on various partner websites /your website to let users buy directly from the site.


Manage your business with built-in features for customer database management, taxes, invoicing, analytics, and engagement with your customers.


Analyze Sales

Track which of your products/services are generating revenues and which ones are the best performing.

Traffic Channels

Analyze data to view channels that are driving your sales.

Repeat Customers

Analyze data to pinpoint your repeat customers who are buying more than one of your product.

Analyze Locations

Track countries/cities from where you are getting the audience. Double down your marketing/ outreach efforts accordingly.

API & Integration

Using our simple API, you can extend your business software with ExplaraBiz.


There are several pre-built integrations ready for you to use. You can use ESPs like Mandril, Amazon SES, and Sendgrid and Stripe/PayPal for payment gateway, Google Analytics, and Pixel Tracking, and Webhooks.

Safety & Privacy

All your data is secure, and we follow GDPR/PDPA and all other data privacy laws/frameworks. We have been in business for more than ten years and have managed our customer trust all the time.


How can I stop my ExplaraBiz subscription?

If you decide not to use ExplaraBiz.com any further, please cancel your subscription from your account, and you will not be charged after that.

I want to build my own website, can I use ExplaraBiz for that?

Yes, ExplaraBiz provides a website builder as a solution where your own website can be built using drag and drop inBuilt components.

In-App & Integration menu, I don't see PayPal & Stripe enabled for me to activate, why?

If you happen to see that the PayPal a & Stripe apps are not enabled to be activated, this means your account is attached with ExplaraBiz payment gateway. All the payment processing will happen through our gateway and money will be credited back to your bank account mentioned in the Profile & Setting page. This happens mostly with our Merchants in India.

I don't have a GST number, how do I complete my company details?

It is Ok if you don't have the GST number or other needed Tax id. If you have then, please mention it there else leave it.
In case of the Invoices being generated in ExplaraBiz by you for your vendors, it is always good to add your Tax ids. If the Tax ids are not supplied in the company details, you won't get to see it in the invoice that is generated.

Can I create my own online shop in ExplaraBiz?

Yes, ExplaraBiz solution is designed for SMEs to have their own online shops. You can add products to it and can get a dedicated landing page for all your products. This will be your own page where all your current and any future products will be listed.

Can I issue a GST invoice to my vendor?

Yes, if you are a GST compliant company, you can add your GST details as part of your company profile under Profile & Settings, and the same will get copied in the invoices that you issue to your vendors.

How to close my account?

You can contact us on support@explara.com, we will close your account. We follow GDPR, PDPA and various data protection and privacy policy. You can find more about our privacy policy on

Find more help/FAQs on https://help.explara.com

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